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Moodo- The Smart Home Fragrance Box

 The Smart Home Fragrance Box

Moodo is your smart device that provides you with total control over the way that your environment feels and smells. Moodo allows you to alter the ambiance with a smartphone program that is very simple. It the sense on your disposition. It is also the next step in an increasingly universe that is personalized. Your surroundings is exactly what you make it- your lighting, decor that is favourite along with your audio – now it’s possible to command the dimension of odor. Go on, have a deep breath, continue reading and imagine your favourite scent. It is because we’re if we seem excited. That is hands down, although we have been producing aroma products for a long time.

Smart home fragrance

… Perfume ReviewA fragrance box that was intelligent constructed around you. Constructed on a fragrance leader’s expertise and technology Moodo can help you make your own distinctive ambiance.
The system comprises:

An inspiring choice of mood combination capsules, the Moodo fragrance dispenser, Moodo APP that enables to mix and match. Options via BT Wi-Fi or a interface.
In today’s smart house, there is a lot we can personalize to help improve our mood, but a crucial component is still missing…odor. Our mood can be influenced by the odor that is ideal .


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