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Vinci -First smart Headphones

Presenting Vinci, Headphones Reinvented

Bluetooth Headphones Vinci believes in a near future where your headphones will be the hub of the world that is connected. Over the previous two years we have been assessing and optimizing your voice a smart headphone that powered by cloud technology and is controlled by your own voice.

Listen to Your Voice

Regardless of what you are doing – running walking, or commuting – you can tell Vinci what artist or song you wish to listen to, say a particular genre or disposition, or let Vinci select a song for you.
Hands-free and voice-controlled, Vinci joins more and you. When you want Vinci’s aid, simply say “Hey Vinci” or use 1 finger to press and hold down on the touch screen, and Vinci will immediately recognize your voice command to help you straight away. Vinci permits you to voice when picking songs is inconvenient command your music.

How to Get the Best Mobile Phone

Vinci is a device, so there is no need search your phone or to link to. Enjoy total freedom commuting to work, traveling, or when running.

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