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The World ‘s Top 5 Most upcoming Technology

Google Glass

Google GPSAugmented Reality has already become our life in the kinds of simulated experimentation and education app, but Google is taking it a few steps higher with Google Glass. Theoretically, with Google Glass, you can look at societal websitesfeeds, text, Google Maps, in addition to navigate with GPS and shoot photos. You’ll also receive the most recent updates as you are on the floor.

It’s truly what we predicted eyesight, and it is absolutely possible given the fact that the Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin has demo’ed the glass using skydivers and creatives. Currently the device is available to some developers with the price tag of $1500, but anticipate technology companies building an affordable consumer version and trying it out.


3D Printer Review It’s nothing new for the complex mechanical business, but a 3D printer is a revolutionary idea.

Form 1 is one such personal 3D printer that can be yours at only $2799. It may seem like a high cost but to have the luxury of getting producing your prototypes, that is a price.

Imagine a future where each professional has the capacity to mass produce their own products that are creative . This is the future where growth and creativity are maximized.
Everybody can create their own physical merchandise based on their customized design, and no approval needed from any manufacturer! The James Bond’s Aston Martin which was crashed in the film was a 3D printed merchandise!

Oculus Rift

Oculus 3D ReviewVirtual Reality gambling is here in the kind of Oculus Rift. This history-defining 3D headset enables you to emotionally believe you’re actually within a video game. From the virtual world of the Rift, you can turn around your mind with latency to observe the world in high resolution screen.
The timing is perfect since the world is now bombarded with all the virtual reality topic that might also be attributed to Sword Art Online, the anime series featuring the characters playing games in a completely virtual world. It might take to reach that degree of realism while we are getting there.


The package comes as a development kit, but Rift would like you to enjoy the experience although there are premium products on the marketplace that could do exactly the same. This is the start of the revolution for gambling.

Leap Motion

Multi-touch 70 ReviewIf this device could completely work to simulate a real-time gaming experience, gaming will get a significant make-over.

It’s not your motion sensor, as Leap Motion allows you to scroll the web page, zoom in photos and the map, sign documentss and even play a first person shooter game with hand and finger movements. The smooth reaction is the point that is key that is most crucial here. More importantly, you can have this future with only $70, a cost of a premium PS3 game title!
It allows you to control the desktop with fingers, but without touching the screen.

Eye Tribe

Getting the Most Out of LeWeb This season A presentation was done in LeWeb and we may have the ability to see it in activity in devices in 2013.

You and I know that this item is too awesome to neglect although the organization is currently seeking venture to bring this sci-fi tech.
Technology enthusiasts have discussed Eye tracking throughout these years, but it is really hard to implement. However, Eye Tribe really did this. They created the technology to permit you to control slice veggies in Fruit Ninja, and your play flight simulator only.

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